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 Studio Hours: 

  • Open Everyday by appointment only.
  • We recommend to book your session with 24 hours in advance.

Rehearsal Studio | Miami

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Do you need studio time to rehearse or record your songs? Call Rakoon Sound Studios in Miami!

Your Local Rehearsal Studio

When you’re just beginning to dabble with new ideas, recording on your laptop is a decent place start. But if you’re trying to make a master studio recording, it’s not at all practical to rely on your laptop. With a professional recording set-up, your sound is more refined, and you can distinguish small nuances that cannot be captured on any other recording media.

In addition to our top-of-the-line studio for musical instruments, Rakoon Sound Studios has a specially designed room for vocal recording.

Gather your band and practice your sound in total freedom. Call us to book your studio time!

Studio Time Miami

Live rehearsal studio with musical instruments

Our Services:
  • Music production
  • Music recording
  • Music mixing
  • Music mastering
  • Music lessons and consulting
  • DJing lessons
Our Guarantees:
  • Fully equipped studio
  • State-of-the-art DJ and recording gears
  • Highly experienced music masters
  • Cozy and popular location
  • Miami
  • Miami Beach
  • Wynwood


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Live Recording

Live recording takes music and performance to a whole other level. You’ll notice a palpable difference in acoustics. The live recording captures a performer’s energy and makes everything sound more polished, refined and exciting.

At Rakoon Sound Studios, you’ll get full access to all spaces and gear. Within our fully equipped setting, you’ll have every opportunity to express your artistic endeavor and record incredible music. Call our music producers to book your studio time!

Music and recording done on another level

Studio Time Miami Beach

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